Nbgrader Hackathon Edinburgh, May 29th-311st

## Event summary

Within the Jupyter Community Workshop series funded by Bloomberg, the University of Edinburgh hosted a three-day event. Its core aspect was a hackathon focused on adding improvements, fixes and extra documentation for the course management tool \texttt{nbgrader}. Alongside this it held an afternoon of talks highlighting how Jupyter can be used in education at varying levels.

## OpenDreamKit implication

OpenDreamKit participant Nicolas M. Thiéry was invited to participate to the hackathon and deliver a talk on Jupyter for teaching introductory programming.

## Results and impact

The hackathon resulted in many improvements to nbgrader, including some contributions by Nicolas, that make it easier to integrate in a variety of environments.

Nicolas used the occasion to visit St Andrews, for brainstorms on upcoming deliverable reports and collaboration on Sage-GAP interfacing. This visit also led to the invitation of Nathan Carter to Sage Days 101 for collaboration on mathematical visualization and live data browsing in Jupyter.

Workshops and Conferences