Micromagnetism Workshop: Ubermag and mumax$^{3}$ European XFEL, Schenefeld, Germany, 11-14 June 2019

Main goals

The main goal of this workshop was to develop a micromagnetic calculator for driving mumax$^{3}$ micromagnetic simulation tool.

OpenDreamKit implication

The main implication of this workshop was that another computational backend can be used (apart from OOMMF) to run micromagnetic simulations. mumax$^{3}$ has certain advantages over OOMMF, mostly in terms of its capabilities of running micromagnetic simulations on GPU. This would enable us to reach a much larger target audience.

Event summary

The first day of the workshop consisted of presentations from all its participants in order to familiarise all participants about the basics of Ubermag and mumax$^{3}$. Another 3 days were focused on coding and the implementation of the mumax$^{3}$ calculator, setting up the repository’s infrastructure, and discussions of future developments.

Results and impact

A micromagnetic calculator, based on mumax$^{3}$, was developed and covers the most important capabilities of mumax$^{3}$:


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