Sage Gap Days 101 Cernay-la-ville (FR), 2019-06-17 to 2019-06-21

Main goals

This developer meeting was the third in a row with a focus on OpenDreamKit tasks related to packaging, portability and documentation tools for GAP and SageMath.

Event summary

An intensive week of brainstorms and coding sprints, structured by regular planning and debriefing sessions, and interspersed with a few presentations:

OpenDreamKit implication

This event was organized and funded by OpenDreamKit (Paris Sud). Accommodation and meals for all participants were covered by OpenDreamKit funding sources. OpenDreamKit participants covered their own travel expenses.


Eight OpenDreamKit participants (N. Thiéry, V. Delecroix, F. Rabe, V. Klein, S. Lelièvre, L. de Feo, O. Benassy, E.M. Bray) from four sites, together with twelve other participants from nine different institutions

Results and impact

The workshop was the occasion of a major advance for packaging SageMath and dependencies with Conda. A first version of SageMath had been packaged two years ago in good parts by independent conda expert Isuru Fernando. However the packages had not been updated since due to a series of hurdles. Thanks to the coming of Isuru and brainstorms with local experts of SageMath and GAP, many of the hurdles have been lifted, leading to the packaging of the latest version of SageMath and paving the way for more regular updates in the future.

In addition, a lot of work was targeted at continuous integration, Python 3 support, docker packaging and interfaces between systems.

Finally the workshop was the occasion for a joint coding sprint between OpenDreamKit participants and Nathan Carter, around visualization (Francy, Jupyter Viz) and live browsing of mathematical data (Sage Explorer, Group Explorer). This led to the sharing of much vision and know how, and opened the door for potential future convergences between the related projects.

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