Steering committee meeting, minutes

Minutes for the meeting of the OpenDreamKit Steering Commitee on the 27th of June 2016

The meeting was held at the Jacobs Universität Bremen.


Were physically present:

Were able to participate remotely via conference call:

We used a framapad to edit collaborately the minutes.

No vote was planned for this meeting. Partners not represented (UNIKL, USFD, UJF and USlaski) are informed by the floowing minutes.

Slides of the meeting.

Amendment to the Grant Agreement

##Discussion of changes to budget

BP reminded the major changes in the Grant number 676541

Position of Paul-Oliver DEHAYE in UZH/Michael KOHLHASE in Bremen

(Internal) financal evaluation


Wait and see. Keep calm and carry on.

Advisory board

News from Steve Linton: - we have a list of potential members - nobody has been contacted yet. Maybe one person was. - POD is volounteering to write a template email (this was done shortly after the meeting) - The Steering Committee agreed to have 7 people in the AB - Attention to gender equality

Link in the slides, and below:

Next meetings

January 2017 (small meeting)

June 2017 (preparation for month 24 deliveries)



- Hans: planning workshop in US
- Min: jupyter at SciPy US july / EuroSciPy august
- Min: 3D visualization at Simula in winter/spring
- Vincent Delecroix: planning a Julia/flint/Sage meeting about algebra (from polynomials to number fields), 1st semester 2016-2017 Bordeaux (?)
- Michael Kohlhase: Workshop in Edinburgh as CICM satellite, july 2017
- Alex: joint event with Codima's training school (Codima = extra booster for dissemination activities)
- Loic Gouarin: training school
- Software Carpentry instructor training around Paris


The website does not advertise enough what we are doing despite the fact that the procedure is described on the [readme]( MK and FR would like to see the activities (workshops; presentations etc) better advertised. LDF agreed to build a blog on the website, blog which will show activities. MK would also like to be more present in the media and to have the website built for people outside of the OpenDreamKit community. BP will discuss communication and dissemination issues with Viviane Pons, whou could not be present during this committee..