Programme of the workshop

This is the programme for the Computational Mathematics with Jupyter workshop.

We will hold presentations and tutorials during morning sessions, and concurrent coding and documentation sprints during afternoon sessions (except swapping them places on Thursday). Actitivies that will take place in the afternoons and their schedule will be decided at the beginning of the workshop depending on how many people will sign up to the proposed coding and documentation sprints. At the end of each day we will hear brief reports from group activities.

Monday, 16th January

Presentations and tutorials (morning)


Tuesday, 17th January

Presentations and tutorials (morning)

Sprints (afternoon)

Wednesday, 18th January

Presentations and tutorials (morning)

Sprints (afternoon)

Workshop dinner: Wednesday, 18th January, 18.30-21.00, Vittoria on the Bridge (19 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH1 1EN)

Thursday, 19th January

Remark: in the morning, all OpenDreamKit Steering Committee members will be at the meeting here, so we will have coding sprints first, and then presentations and tutorials in the afternoon.

Sprints (morning)

Presentations and tutorials (afternoon)

Friday, 20th January

Presentations and tutorials (morning)

Sprints (afternoon)

Coding and documentation sprints yet to be scheduled

We will schedule these sprints during our planning session on Monday, dependently on how many participants will be interested to join them. Some of these sprints may be recurring for several days.

Desirable tutorials

Please get in touch if you’re able to cover this in your talk/tutorial/sprint:

As an option, we may just have sprints where we will try to make use of these tools, following their documentation, and report our experiences.