Progress report for University of Silesia

Progress report for University of Silesia

Marcin Kostur

Reporting period from March 2017 to January 2018

Finance and administration


dr Jolanta Marzec, was hired using remaining funding after dr Jan Aksamit position. The goal is to finish Linear Algebra demonstrator.



Work in progress

K3d-jupyter widget is under final stage of development which includes, polishing existing features and API, performance optimalization and CFD analysis module.

There is ongoing work on demonstrators: Nonlinear processes in Biology and on “Problems in Physics”.

Demonstrator Linear Algebra is under active development.

Workshops and dissemination activities

Marcin Kostur presented ODK project in a talk “Computing in science education with SageMath and Jupyter” International Conference on Computational Science, Zürich, Switzerland, 12-14 June, 2017