Project review rehearsal, Mon 2018-10-29

See Tuesday pad.

Social dinner: see pad at:

General comments for everybody



Here’s how this could go. Feel free to work on your self-introduction a bit more, putting a mini-story in it, alluding to multiple backgrounds, previous life, cross-interests, …

Make this very human and telling a story of a group.

This should take on the order of 15 min altogether.

Play a video

Our story

Use case: the “Jane has written a paper” comic.

(Note: this file can be used in presentations.)

Displayed on screen, looks fine from first row.

Role of OpenDreamKit in this use case

OpenDreamKit is not building one VRE, but contributing to an ecosystem.

More details on OpenDreamKit contribution, including:

This comic and upcoming ones is the basis for an upcoming explainer video produced by PixVideos

Big picture that guided us in developing our toolkit.

Knowledge, Data, Software … and researcher communities!

Specific challenges of pure maths



WP presentations

For each WP, the WP leader will go to the front, call all involved in that WP to stand up; key players will come sit at the front, others stay in their places.

This will:

For your pdf slides (LaTeX), use the ODK logo from:


Leader: Luca

Key players:


Leader: Nicolas

Key players: all site leaders or site leader replacements

We will skip WP1 or make it very short.


Lead: Viviane

Who contributed: many of us!

Sit at the front:

WP4 - User interfaces

Lead: Vidar, for Min


Lead: Clément


Lead: Michael


Dearest to my heart:


Future funding

NumFOCUS Europe

Nice fact: companies are using computational open source software, and want to contribute back financially!

Problem: this requires some official body; a pain to setup for a software project

Solution: NumFOCUS, a not-for-profit umbrella association

ODK action: contribution to the creation of NumFOCUS Europe (secretary: Nicolas)

EOSC call

(EOSC = European Open Science Cloud)

COST network around computational mathematics



Thank you



Ideas (from yesterday, not in the list of demos below)

For each demo:

GAP (Alex)

Continuous integration, code coverage

Homophonic quotients: GAP Jupyter notebook at

? GAP in Jupyter with visualisations (Nathan)


JOOMMF (Marijan)

Jupyter notebook?

Sage-explorer (Odile) (older version)

2-dimensional hard core model (WP5: Parallel dense matrix multiplication)

Jupyter notebook fibo_demo_H2020.ipynb (and don’t forget the picture)

WP6 MMT Demo (Florian?)


WP6 Oculus Rift (Florian?)

No notebooks, link to the video?

WP6 Sage Demo (Florian?)

Demo notebooks (Jeroen)

If you have a cool notebook showcasing ODK, add it to

On the big screen