Kickoff meeting: brainstorms and coding sprints

WP1: Coordination and Management

Management structure

Time: Wednesday: 7pm Participants: John, Nicolas, Michael, Steve, Wolfram, Eugenia…



Some informal discussions occurred on the:

Infrastructure and collaborative tools for OpenDreamKit

Time: Thursday over lunch



Time: Thursday afternoon’s coffee break, Saturday Participants: Luca, Nicolas, John, …

WP3: Component architecture

Consistent docker containers for all software components

Time: Friday, Saturday Participants: Olexandr, Nicolas, Sebastian


Continuous integration, building on various architecture, joint testing farm

Time: Thursday afternoon’s break

Participants: Jeroen, Olexandr, Jean-Pierre

We discussed approaches to regression testing used in GAP and SageMath development and our continuous integration infrastructure.

WP4: User Interfaces

Jupyter kernels for all interactive computation software

Time: Thursday evening, … Participants: Marcin, Sebastian, Min, Olexandr, Markus, Jeroen, …

Min gave a presentation on the Jupyter notebook’s architecture and how to write kernels. Markus, Sebastian and Jeroen started to implement kernels for GAP, Singular, and PARI/GP respectively.

Other kernels to explore would include Linbox+CLING and XCAS.

Brainstorm about structured documents

Time: Friday Participants: Florent Cayré, Min, Florent Hivert, Nicolas

Brainstorm about notebooks and reproducibility

Konrad’s kind visit triggered an inspiring discussion on his blog about notebooks and reproducibility. As another source of inspiration on this topic, here is a link to Konrad’s article about ActivePapers and the rationale behind ActivePapers: a platform for publishing and archiving computer-aided research

Brainstorm about 3D Visualization

Time: Thursday late afternoon Participants: Florent Cayré, Marcin Kostkur

USilesia has started building a javascript library for static and dynamic (i.e. communication with python objects as ipywidgets do) data visualization in the Jupyter notebook. The project will deliver a first version in December 2015. It will be based on threejs.

In the meantime Logilab will do technology review done for alternative rendering solution. We mentioned using webgl natively, vispy, and paraview.


TODO (@ClementPernet): short report

Time: … Participants: …

The following short presentations were given:

WP6: Data, Knowledge and Software bases.

Time: Friday morning Participants: Michael, Steve, Sebastian, Florian, Florent, Florent, Nicolas, …

TODO (@kohlhase): short report