Minutes for the biannual ODK Steering Committee meeting in Edinburgh


Site reports

Headline achievements


Preparation of the formal review


Discussion about presentation of the formal review

Advisory Board

A Non-Disclosure Agreement was sent to each. Signed documents to arrive soon. Rationale for having an NDA: Mostly a legal thing. For us, the only use case is if we need to share with them some private info, like personal data.

Quality Review Board

Amendment to the grant agreement

Link to related issue

Vote: all sites agree to changes on the issue 193 except for WP7 If any change to the grant agreement about WP7 is deemed urgent, a proposal will be sent for discussion and vote teh week after the Edinburgh steering committee after the brainstorm on WP7.

Key performance Indicators

Proposition of metrics for our five KPI

Note: this is only a proposal of metrics; we are not committed to use exactly them.

TODO (everyone): go through the various metrics proposed and suggest changes/improvements/…

Can somebody (Luca?) provide some scripts to extract numbers that could feature as KPI metrics from common tools we use, such as repositories hosted on github?

News on Oscar’s DFG grant

This is the TRR 199 (there only seems to be only an announcement in German). But googling for TRR 199 should give everybody information soon.

Situation on Deliverables

Reminder: Month 18 is the end of the first Reporting Period, and thus a hard deadline. All deliverables due by this date must be finished for mid-February so that they can be looked over.

After a round table, it seems all unfinished deliverables are being taken care of and will be finished in due time.


Hans: like other EU projects, ODK’s success is likely to be measured by publications, in particular joint publications with co-authors from multiple sites. As an e-infrastructure project, this may be less relevant for us as our primary output is software. Still we should foster joint publications. An opportunity would be to use emerging journals to publish papers associated with Software such as:

WP7 topics in view of personnel changes

To be brainstormed in.

Future funding

Deadline is 29th March 2017. The EGI’s proposal will probably speed up after the meeting for potential participants in Amsterdam so Benoît will ping them again until we get a final answer.