OpenDreamKit M18 Formal Review

On April 26th, OpenDreamKit underwent its first formal review by the European Commission. We presented the achievements of the first 18 months of the project, including 30 deliverables.

The feedback from the panel, based on our reports and presentations was very positive. For details, see the debriefing notes.



Benoît Pilorget, Nicolas Thiéry, John Cremona, Paul-Olivier Dehaye, Dima Pasechnik, Markus Pfeiffer, Jeroen Demeyer, Alexander Konovalov, Steve Linton, Florian Rabe, Michael Kohlhase, Min Ragan-Kelley, Luca De Feo, Erik Bray, Viviane Pons, Hans Fangohr, Mike Croucher, William Hart, Wolfram Decker, Clément Pernet, Konrad Hinsen, Marcin Kostur, Vincent Delecroix, Florent Cayré