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Mixing Data and Computation to explore mathematical data sets: Knowledge to the rescue with LMFDB + SageMath + Pari + MitM

Research Software Engineer position opening at Université Paris-Sud (tentativelly filled)

WP6 Math-in-the-Middle Integration Use Case to be Published at MACIS-2017 (two papers)

Workshop on live structured documents

OpenDreamKit at Groups St Andrews in Birmingham

Exporting mathematical knowledge from Sage

Personal debriefing of CICM'2016

Interoperability in the OpenDreamKit Project: The Math-in-the-Middle Approach

OpenMath in OpenDreamKit

Project meetings, review and workshop

Interoperability in the OpenDreamKit Project The Math-in-the-Middle Approach

St. Andrews Workshop explored "Math-in-the-Middle" Paradigm for Integration